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Justyna Gabzdyl is a pianist of a high caliber.

Claude Gingras, La Presse 2013

J.Gabzdyl impressed by her impeccable technique and beautiful pearly sound (...)

Radoslaw Rzepkowski, Kronika Montrealska 2013

(...) the poise and clarity of Justyna Gabzdyl (...)

Arthur Kaptainis, The Montreal Gazette 2013

(...)Pianist Justyna Gabzdyl performed Fantasy on Polish Airs by Frederic Chopin. But how did she perform? (...) our personality can be interpreted by a single motion of our hand. In the case of Ms. Gabzdyl, it is a very strong personality, one combined with perfectionism at that (...) The Hall rewarded Ms. Gabzdyl with a warm applause (...)

Janusz Niemczyk, Goniec (Toronto) 2014


(...) what mastery of sound, what sophistication, without any hardness, what sense of rhythm, wonderful sense of the musical line... and all that with class...from Warsaw! (...)

Jean- Eudes Vaillancourt, pianist, conductor and composer

(...) It was a great joy to work with Justyna Gabzdyl. She is very conscientious, very professional and above all, a great pianist ! (...)

Paolo Bellomia, conductor and artistic director of the Orchestra 21